“Tribes” are medium-sized groups (15-30 people) that function more like an extended family. Some of those involved might be children and teens and not all gatherings might include kids. Our desire is to nurture intergenerational relationships in order to glean wisdom and understand different perspectives in an increasingly segmented, if not divided, society. Tribes seek to be not only a place or relational support but also spiritual practice. A significant part of this shared practice is that each group might exist for the benefit of a greater need within the margins of Austin.

Southwest (West/South/Downtown)

Connie & Bill Nelson (southwest@missionhillsaustin.com)


Steiner Ranch (Central)

Chip & Mary Ray (central@missionhillsaustin.com)


Avery Ranch (North)

Theo & Salli Smith (averyranch@missionhillsaustin.com)