Lent: A New Normal


Lent: A New Normal

Making Lent Work for Good.

Ever set out for Lent with great expectation only to see it become an un-inspired chore? Lent is always associated with giving something up but, sadly, it’s usually lacks any spiritual gain. That’s because sacrifice alone is never enough to be closer to God. Yet, on the far side of these 40 days is the resurrection, which represents God’s forever promise that we can begin again. And again, and again…. Lent represents a way to center us—even prepare—to experience newness. So how can Lent offer us a way to grow a Living Faith? 

A Normal Idea.

Typically, we think of fasting from food but we actually “fast” all the time – We fast rest, workouts, quality time with friends & family, returning messages, favorite hobbies, etc. But, our sacrifice is often for personal gain, busyness or procrastination. Christian fasting is a voluntary denial of an otherwise normal function for the sake of spiritual focus. So, what if we were more thoughtful about a daily offering as we prepare our hearts for Easter? What if we had small ways, each day, to remind us of our faith, hope, & love for God? AND, what if we could go through it IN COMMUNITY as family or with friends to encourage one another along the way?

A Fasting Idea for Lent:

Consider what simple ways you can save money for during Lent. Keep a running total of how much you save from your usual spending habits and operating budget. At the end, we’ll pool our savings and announce our grand total on Easter Sunday. Since the resurrection offers new life, we’ll then find creative ways to leverage funds together to bring life, care and compassion to others!

Creative ways to save money from our daily expenditures:

·       Skip Starbucks for home brew coffee

·       Plan a dinner menu for the week. Forgo the Drive-thru or eating out.

·       Pack a lunch in lieu of eating out.

·       Rent a movie instead of the theatre.

·       Wash your own car. Rake & bag your own leaves.

·       Have friend or spouse trim your hair.

·       Avoid impulse purchases at checkout.

·       Order water if you eat out.

·       Avoid the snack bar or concessions.

·       Skip a round of golf, happy hour after work, or special outings.

·       Buy sale items & use coupons to shop. 

Again, in all these ‘fasting’ activities, keep a tally of the savings as you go. Involve your kids. Share the idea with friends. Anyone can participate with any amount. While we are choosing to fast certain purchases and save money, we ultimately want to seek God’s presence. So use this time to, perhaps, create a new habit of reading, listening, and prayer. Download the App ReadScripture and begin reading & watching videos starting with Jesus & the Kingdom.

“Think Fast” & Interrupt Your Normal

It’s been proven that if you write something down, we’re more committed to following through. In an effort to express our faith in small-yet-compassionate ways, take a minute to consider what changes in your daily spending that you could adjust over the next few weeks.

  • What areas of spending can you make a make a change? 

  • Estimate or set a goal how much savings that could mean each week…

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (Mar.6) but you can (re)start at any time. You can turn in money each week but all monies to be collected on Sunday, April 14, 2019. Easter is coming! SPOILER ALERT: He Is Risen!

Here’s to a Faith that Lives, Breathes, & Works for Good!





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