Going to church should produce something in us, namely growing in love. We see church as a family, not simply an event to attend. To grow in love means we share in the hospitality as we prepare a place for one another. It’s also an opportunity to apprentice our kids that faith isn’t something to be consumed but something we give ourselves to. 

Seeing church as a family of faith, we want to practice loving one another starting with how we serve. Spiritually, we seek to resist simply being consumers but become contributors. Things like sound set up, signage, taking offering, running slides, setting tables, providing snacks, greeting, passing out bulletins, helping clean up.

The idea is simple, arrive at 3:00pm on a day we meet for worship. There are jobs for all ages. Like a whole family involved in a hosting a dinner party at home, let kids learn about what it takes to make church happen. Practice Apprenticing as you teach them about hospitality. Build in them an awareness for people who will come with needs, hungry for God and community. You can sign up as often as you like but a monthly rotation is a good family rhythm. Because, it takes a village...