Join us as we spend some quality time with people who’s needs are different than our own.  In Luke 3, John challenges the people to "produce fruit in keeping with their repentance” because there were needs in their city. He says, “If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have food, share it with those who are hungry.” 

In the Spirit of spreading a lil Christmas cheer, we’d like to visit some of our Burmese friends (Map: HERE). In co-ed groups of 5-6, we'll visit one family per group to share a simple breakfast (i.e. B'fast tacos, coffee, juice), have a Cmas activity (i.e. cookie decorating, ornaments, etc), and share Cmas traditions and memories.    

Bring a bag of groceries, any family clothing items you'd like to share, &/or supplies for an activity together that's kid-friendly.

Email Connie Nelson if you'd like to participate. Kids are encouraged to come and pre-select some of their own toys they'd like to give away.

A sample grocery bag could include: A package of chicken breasts, eggs, milk, bread, rice, ramen noodles, cooking oil, and maybe some fruits and vegetables (onions would be especially appreciated).