• Deep Eddy Pool (map)
  • Austin, TX

As part of our Church-as-Tribe Weekend, no worship meeting this weekend but we're still meeting for 'church'! This is a special time to grow in faith & community.

Summer might be over but it’s still HOT out! A swim with friends is needed. Look for the group trying to hold on to those last moments of summer (but in the shade). RSVP to Jess if you plan to attend.

Let's beat the crowds, find a patch of grass, and enjoy the spring fed pool! Food is allowed but needs to remain above the pool area. For more info on rates, parking, & allowed items, visit their website.

Mission Hills’ Tribes exist to build community and express faith in both fun and tangible ways together. Minimally, we gather the first weekend of each month (in lieu of worship) as a “Laboratory” weekend to practice Rhythms of community, hospitality, compassion, &/or generosity.