• Community First Village (map)
  • 9301 Hog Eye Road
  • Austin, TX, 78724
  • United States

As part of our Church-as-Tribe Weekend, no worship meeting this weekend but we're still meeting for 'church'! This is a special time to grow in faith & community.

Join us as we take a morning at Community First - a master planned community that provides affordable, permanent housing & supportive community for men and women coming out of chronic homelessness. Bring a dozen tacos and a large thermos of coffee/OJ with cups. Here the stories of God’s grace, second chances, and redemption for our Austin neighbors. Arrive by 745a. Breakfast from 8-9am. Guided tour of the grounds, features, and homes to follow. RSVP with Shanon if you plan to participate.

Compassion is recognizing that people’s needs are simply different that our own. This is a chance to stand it solidarity with the vulnerable living among us.

Mission Hills’ Tribes exist to build community and express faith in both fun and tangible ways together. Minimally, we gather the first weekend of each month (in lieu of worship) as a “Laboratory” weekend to practice Rhythms of community, hospitality, compassion, &/or generosity.