• Treemont Park
  • Austin TX 78746

As part of our Church-as-Tribe Weekend, no worship meeting this weekend but we're still meeting for 'church'! This is a special time to grow in faith & community.

Join us as we pack as much love and care than can fit in a box for our kids living away from home! Bring goodies/supplies for 8-10 boxes (healthcare, toiletries, favorite snacks, gift cards, school supplies, etc). Also bring a breakfast brunch item to share. Please RSVP to Connie if you plan to attend.

Mission Hills’ Tribes exist to build community and express faith in both fun and tangible ways together. Minimally, we gather the first weekend of each month (in lieu of worship) as a “Laboratory” weekend to practice Rhythms of community, hospitality, compassion, &/or generosity.