• Shady Hollow Commuity Center (map)
  • 3303 Doe Run
  • Austin, TX, 78748
  • United States

Before a new school year, there’s an opportunity to come together locally as families, friends, and neighbors. It's a short & simple one-hour event with a little fun in the front yard, a short time of prayer & blessing, and frozen treat to cap it off!

Invite friends, neighbors, running partners, & school families; people involved in your local community who might be open to a fun-but-brief blessing for the school year.

Offering a little prayer - In Community - is a way that God provides comfort and hope, especially at the outset of a new school year! It’s a chance to pray for teacher, parents, kids, and the community together! Contact Jess Archer for more info.

* Bringing school backpacks are not actually required ;-)