No Worship meeting this weekend but we're still meeting for 'church'! This is a special weekend to celebrate faith, community, & mission. 

This Sunday morning we're having Breakfast with the Burmese from 9-11am! Make breakfast tacos, coffee, kid's craft & conversation with this special group of people. It's a chance for all of us to learn & love people who's needs are different than out own. As we know who's able to attend, we'll sort our groups to visit homes. Each home we visit will be familiar friend of Mission Hills & you or your family won't be alone.

Please contact Connie by Thurs (6/12), to coordinate groups, number of homes & what to bring (Willow Creek Apts off E.Riverside). 

Tribes exist to build community and express faith in both fun and tangible ways together. Minimally, we gather the first weekend of each month (in lieu of worship) as a “Laboratory” weekend to practice Rhythms of community, hospitality, compassion, &/or generosity.