• Lake Club at Steiner Ranch (map)
  • 12300 River Bend
  • Austin, TX, 78732
  • United States

As part of our Church-as-Tribe Weekend, no worship meeting this weekend but we're still meeting for 'church'! This is a special time to grow in faith & community.

Sunday, July 7th, Tribes are combining - along with a few international friends - at the Lake Club in Steiner Ranch for boating, slip-&-sliding, fishing & swimming.

There's restrooms, shade, grass, sand/playscape, tables, & a dock. Bring picnic foods or grill on site to share potluck style.

No charge, so bring your friends, neighbors, kids, roommates, coworkers, foes... as we practice Hospitality as an expression of faith & community.

...Someone say 'slide-&-slide'?? What?!?!  

Contact Shannon Wise for more information.


Kindly, leave your pets at home.

Mission Hills’ Tribes exist to build community and express faith in both fun and tangible ways together. Minimally, we gather the first weekend of each month (in lieu of worship) as a “Laboratory” weekend to practice Rhythms of community, hospitality, compassion, &/or generosity.