Easter is arguably the most important day in history. After all, it’s when God showed us what the future would look like! The Good News is that it means Life not Death, 

...Peace not Violence, 

...Healing instead of Sickness, 

...Sobriety not Addiction, 

...Family not Drama, 

...Forgiveness not a Scorecard, 

...Generosity not Scarcity, 

...Justice not Oppression, 

...Hospitality not Isolation.

We know where the future is headed. Yet, we have to contend with a world not-yet-restored. After the Cruxifixction, Joseph of Arimathea went to Pilate to ask for body of Jesus (John.19).  It says that he’s a disciple…but secretly. In other words, he has faith but likes his reputation. 

He believed but ALSO unbelief. 

He has faith & hope but ALSO has questions AND doubts. 

He has courage AND fear, confidence AND insecurity. 

He’s affluent YET needy in other ways.  

I love that God still calls me a follower of Jesus even though I live with this same tension. Joseph had just a little bit of faith & enough desire to experience the Kingdom of God. In other words, it’s NOT HOW MUCH faith and desire we have but WHERE we put it! 

Joseph made space for Jesus buying a tomb out of his own means. Interestingly, the tomb wasn't in a cemetery but a place of life and growth. In John 3, Jesus said to Nicodemus, "you must be born again". The place where Joseph put Jesus became the place of Jesus' second birth. The manger was the first and the tomb was the second.  

Like Joseph, we need to make space for Jesus. Jesus isn’t asking us to live the Christian life – never said you could. We're invited to make space for Christ – who now in his resurrection glory – will dwell and enable you to be the person you can’t be on your own for all that God intended when he created you.

That's Good News! Sounds like victory to me.