The Swiss Army Knife was the iPhone of its day. So many uses with so many applications. If you’re like most, actually talking on your phone is likely not even a Top 5 useful activity on your iPhone (behind texting, social media, news, emails, maps &/or your favorite game).

Speaking of useful-ness, have you ever sorted out how one’s faith is useful in everyday life?  Faith has direct applications for going to church, praying, reading the bible, serving, giving, worship, et al. But, beyond that, It’s just not always clear nor does even feel ‘spiritual’. Yet, if we believe God is All-Present, then it stands to reason faith intersects with our time, or as parents, our spending, and in marriage. It affects us in groups and by ourselves, with our health and toward our environment. Faith has so many applications...but only as it’s applied.

Ever need to mend a relationship? Long for deeper community? Struggle with injustice or wrestle with influence? Well, at the intersection of common sense, effort & opportunity is the Extra-Ordinary value of faith. In the Book of Philemon, we’re introduced to a runaway slave who finds Paul and a New Life…only to risk everything to realize how Use-Full faith can be in Me, with Us, for Others, & by God.  If you’ve ever wondered or been challenged to explain the role or value of faith in changing lives, experiencing God, or leveraging it for other’s benefit…this study will be useful in so many ways!