Like most dogs, our mutt Posey looses her mind when she sees a squirrel — “SQUIRREL!!” In three years, she’s never come close. Yet, she also seems entirely unfazed by her failure. Apparently for Posey, it’s all about the chase, not the scoreboard.  She’s constantly chasing an idea without actually attaining it. I’m amazed at her instinct and almost envious of her short-term memory for always coming up short.

It occurs to me that we all spend A LOT of time chasing ideas without experiencing a prize.

  • We chase friendship but are often too busy to let people close or too uncomfortable to receive. 
  • We chase personal growth but always seem to find someone farther ahead.
  • We chase recognition, promotion, and wealth but long for significance. 
  • We even might chase God but often miss the everyday, ordinary ways he provides, speaks, calls, and leads.

Community is something we all chase and need! We all want to be known, missed, mentored, and encouraged. This summer, I want Mission Hills to GROW IN COMMUNITY. It’s sharing faith & sharing birthdays. It’s eating & worshipping together. It’s praying, serving, baking, making room for kids, & growing friendship regardless of our life stage.

And here’s the thing – WE get to enjoy what WE create! Summer’s great for getaways and getting out. But, can we also put a premium on BEING a COMMUNITY OF FAITH?  Please…Don’t let your weekends or Sunday’s get so full that you miss our weekly gatherings. Truly, it’s not the same without you! Each week, we get to (& need to!) discover, nurture, grow, & celebrate Community IN CHRIST. It’s worth chasing after because it’s within reach!