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Opportunity Knocks

Do you ever have those moments when you just feel like there’s something more going on? It might be a lesson to be learned, a prompting to give, a moment of pause, overcome with joy or even sadness. Yet, you struggle to find words to explain it? 

I tend to think God’s at work even when we don’t have words. God is near even if we can’t feel Him. 

Mark’s Gospel records a rather bold announcement when Jesus says, “The time has come. The Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe the good news.” (Mk.1:15). When Jesus announces “The time has come”, he’s not referring to a chronology of events in time. Rather, Jesus uses the word ‘Kairos’, which translates time as 'opportunity'. 

In other words, we have regular - if not daily opportunities - to experience God’s presence in the grand, ordinary, and/or minutia of life. That is, if we’re paying attention.

‘Opportunity’ Knocks...but an opportunity for what?

...An opportunity to gain God’s perspective. 

...An opportunity to experience the our lives as God intended.

...An opportunity to usher in heaven on earth.

…An opportunity to turn or re-turn to a God who accepts, loves, sees, and knows.

With all the demands for our attention, recognizing God’s presence and hearing His voice becomes a discipline. Yet the thing that we all want is for God to draw near. So let’s practice noticing these “opportunities” and learn to share them together.

Keep a "Kairos journal". Let me encourage you to try something new this month. Notice and jot down the times where you feel like there’s something more going on – maybe an unsettledness, a check in your spirit, a sense of conviction. Sometimes it will be a lingering thought. Other times, it might be an interruption to your day. Simply observe, reflect, and respond. This might just be God drawing near. 

Lean in.  Listen.  And, in this case, jot a few notes down. When you stumble across ‘kairos’ moments – where you sense there’s something more going on — take time to:

State briefly your experience. It need not be long. Just 1-3 sentences.

Examine. Jesus invites to draw near by examine our heart and mind. Is it turning from something or perhaps turning toward? You might pray, journal, ask questions, or find scripture. Try and answer the question, What is God saying?  

Respond. What is a belief without an action. What is needed? Is it a nudge to confess, invite, help, give, apologize, go, serve, stop? Try and answer the question, What do I do?

A key to spiritual growth is our awareness of the presence of God. As a community, we can encourage each other with how we see and notice God at work. It’s how we share a living faith, together. I encourage each of you to try this and see if it doesn’t affect your perspective and sense that God is near.

Looking forward to our next ‘opportunity’ to be together & seeing how God shows up!