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Raising expectations.

Raising expectations.

If you come to church this Sunday, there’s one thing guaranteed…It. Won’t. Change. Your. Life.  Sorry, but no matter how creative, inspiring, or even prayerful…the chances of you going from caterpillar to butterfly won’t happen.  I think many might acknowledge this as their experience, which is also why its so easy to miss until missing becomes normal. So why go to church at all? What’s more, why be committed to a local church?  These are actually really important questions to consider if faith is to grow, be a priority, or passed on.  

Have you ever had a ‘cheat meal’ - something really yum but way too many calories?? Yes!  And did you all of the sudden become overweight? Nope.  Have you ever skipped a workout? Of course!  Did you turn flabby in a day? No.  Similarly, faith is always nurtured over time. It requires both attention and intention.  Good habits are hard to form and easier to lose. If you’re out of the habit of being part of a faith community, don’t just come this Sunday. Instead, try committing to coming for 6 months – at least three times a month – and see if it doesn’t make a difference with friendships, in marriage, with questions, your family, toward temptation, with sadness, and making sense of the chaos of this world. 

Faith needs effort like trees need roots. There’s something about life that feels too big to manage alone and without a plan. There are lots of challenges and responsibility but also tons of beauty and joy. We shouldn’t experience any of these alone. Here’s to digging in to faith, community, and mission that transforms! Our world could use some transformation!

In Austin as it is in Heaven