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Happier New Year!

Happier New Year!

This month has a whole lotta ‘Happy’ well-wishing going on - ‘Happy New year…”, “Happy Birthday…(to my son)”, and “Happy Anniversary…(#24J)”. I love these cheerful blessings but I’m reminded of a friend describing a hard life lesson by sayin', "The road to happiness isn't always happy”. Hmm…

We often have expectations of something easier or better. Happiness gets tied to getting our way. Deep down, I think most understand success rarely comes easy. We have moments that satisfy yet so much of life requires perseverance as well as the right perspective. The right perspective sees the road to happiness involves both detours and bumps. It doesn't mean the path is a wrong one. Happiness simply doesn't happen without effort, help of others, and certainly a view that’s bigger than the moment.

The most volatile (& vulnerable) people are consumers. They/we live on a razor’s edge of expectations being met. It’s not wrong to consume BUT, if we’re not careful, we reduced to just Takers. If & when we approach friendship, marriage, family, our church, or our God as a consumer…We. Never. Grow. We simply cannot grow without an exchange, a give and take, which always requires us to learn how to love one another better. To grow is to love.

The un-doing of our consumer ways requires we learn to give. But constant giving can also leave a person feeling 'bankrupt'. A vision for giving starts with a desire to learn how to love. This is Christ’s love for us – as a servant. Sometimes giving comes with ease. Other times, it’s a work.  But, what if God’s road to happiness this year…at home…in relationship…and part of a faith family means we approach it more as a servant in hopes of growing in love? So, what’s one way you can grow as a servant this year?

 Cuz, on the far side happy is God’s love. Cheers to happiest of New Years & even all the effort!