The power of story always gains traction when it appeals to our personal lives. Whether it be fiction or based on actual events, a compelling story captures our imagination! Sometime we don’t feel like we’re getting the whole story, which gives us pause. Skepticism can do that.  Other times, though, we hear just enough of a story…and it moves us to root for, give to, cry over, or celebrate with!

Immigration is an emotionally charged topic that divides much of our country. Yet, there are beautiful stories we need to tell. Over the last two years, Mission Hills has developed a special friendship with a Burmese community in Austin. Their stories are humbling and courageous. They’re about finding a new life – out of necessity – in a new culture, learning new skills, and a new language. What began as ‘against all odds’ dreams, God is now authoring ‘ordinary miracles’ bookended with faith and good works. Let’s allow the power of story to heal, offer hope, and bring us together!