If you travel anywhere this summer (especially with kids), you’ll undoubtedly ask the question, "Are we there yet?”  I get it. I ask it all the time!  Maybe I don't ask it out loud and maybe not even during holiday travels.  But, I think we all have a restless, even impatient, desire to “arrive". When it comes to the journey God has me/us on, it's a real question:  Are we there YET???  Somehow, God's timing or my spiritual growth always feels slower than I want.

Faith is about the journey more than the destination. Paul says to “work out our salvation…” (Phil.2:12). The problem is…I don’t wanna work at what’s supposed to be a free gift?!?!  And yet, what we come to see is that our salvation is a relationship not a possession. Like any relationship, it grows with time, effort, care, and understanding. Paul goes on to say, “…for it is God who works IN YOU to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose."

“To will & to act” means not just being “saved” FROM something (i.e. Hell), but saved TO something more! Working out our salvation – over time & with others – means an active shift in our hearts. Salvation does involve outward fruit – the way we love, serve, speak, and act. But it’s supposed to go deeper in shaping our desires, motives, attitudes, and ability to trust.

Our current series, “Saved” is a deep dive into the growing need of our salvation…as Strength, as Acceptance, as Shelter, as Freedom, as Present & Daily, as Healing, Identity, and Direction. Jesus said "the kingdom of heaven is at hand" (Mk.1:14). In other words, heaven is "here & now" not just "there & then". Not always but as we work out our salvation - becoming aware of God's presence & the Spirit's prompts - we're able to grow a little more heaven on earth. So, are we there yet? You decide.