When we hear about rest, we immediately think of sleep…summer vacation, or simply, less activity. BUT, what do we mean when we say, "Give it a rest!"?  Obviously, it’s more like, "Knock it off!”  God also invites us to "Give it a rest", not for HIS sake because he's had enough of us. God’s not exasperated with us like we might be with a barking dog, nagging parent, or overbearing supervisor. God calls us to "Give it a rest" for OUR sake because there's freedom when we learn to identify our fear, worry, anxiety, or impatience and actually TRUST Him.

In Genesis 12, God tells Abraham to "go to the Land that I will show you." The (Promised) Land is actually a symbolic picture of our calling to rest. God wanted to set a people group a part in order to reveal His strength, compassion, hope, and justice. And these people were to be a light to the world. Instead, they wandered for 40 years and, eventually, God swore to them that they would never enter - not the Land - but rest! They stayed in the wilderness because they were stuck in a cycle of complaining, rebellion and doubt. Even though they saw God deliver, protect, sustain, lead them and feed them. 

This is a lesson for all of us. We're called to rest...not just to slow down, but learn we don't have to always be right or in control. We're simply not fruitful without surrender. Once we find this kind of rest, God reveals himself through us. Like a cup, your life is a vessel to be filled with the living water. So that somebody else who's thirsty can find what they're thirsty for in you!