What helps you feel connected to people? When do you realize you belong? Social media can offer a sense of community but simply posting or seeing what others are up to does not make us closer. Community shouldn’t be confused with being familiar (ie an acquaintance), being friendly (ie a neighbor), or even a history together (ie classmates). That’s part of it. But the nature of being IN COMMUNITY is to know and be known. It’s hard to be invested if we’re not in involved in outcomes! This makes social media so enticing—We’re able to keep up with lots of people without an actual investment in one another.

The church is supposed to be a radical alternative to a disconnected world. The New Testament refers to community as ‘Koinonia’, a Greek word we reduce to ‘fellowship’. Actually, the meaning is more like a ‘business partnership’, where people are vested in shared and prosperous outcomes. If you’re able to come and go with no expectation of participation, help, contribution or be missed when you’re gone…you’re simply missing out on true community. Being part of a church family CAN help us grow but only when we’re invested in each other’s spiritual progress. Simply put, faith needs a community. 

In life, change is inevitable. But growth is never automatic. And, true personal and spiritual growth happens within community more than on your own…Because growth should make the people around you better.

Mission Hills seeks to practice a Living Faith, together, through shared practice. It’s a chance to experience the heart of God, leverage our faith for the benefit of others, and pass on a living faith to those closest. This has the makings of a beautiful, if not transformational, community.

So who do you know? …because anything good is worth sharing!

Below is a brilliant gallery to scroll by Eric Pickersgill entitled ‘Removed’. It captures our need for real community where we actually share our lives and make each other better.