Ever get a new car vowing to maintain it’s pristine condition?  But…as the new car smell fades, so does the upkeep. When’s the last time you checked tire pressure, oil level, or bothered with that pesky engine light? It’s easy to think that as long as I’m putting gas in the tank — & it’s running — it’s all good. Yet, just because we can get from Point A to B doesn’t mean it’s running optimally. 

Similarly, faith has a way of fading when left unattended. Going to church once a week (if we’re lucky) is like putting gas in the tank once a month (if we’re lucky). Proper care is needed for the soul, which really benefits with daily care. The goal of Mission Hills is to develop a Living Faith – one that helps us experience the heart of God, use our faith to restore broken lives, and offer a practical way to reproduce our faith in another. 

None of these things happen without effort, which means faith can feel inconvenient, even sacrificial. But, Isn’t that the point of the Good News of Jesus?!?! "I give you my life because you gave your life for me.” Growing our Christian faith means a greater awareness of God’s presence! The more I find my life IN CHRIST, the more the journey offers hope.

Both of our cars are over 10 years old. I like to think I’m pretty good at caring for them. However, the real test comes when it’s time for a road trip. I have to ask myself, “Do I trust this car – as is — to get me there?” The thought of being in the middle of West Texas highway broke down is enough to get a tune up, a set of tires, change filters, and/or top off fluid levels.  Whether faith thrives or it doesn’t, we can still operate compassion, peace, and patience. Uncertain circumstances – like a long road trip without cellular service — don’t have eliminate generosity, hospitality, compassion, or gratitude when we practice renewal. Long after the new car smell, we can still experience a sustaining faith with a little daily attention.