If we were to talk about breathing, what's more important: inhaling or exhaling? Obviously, we need both. 

Now think about breathing as a metaphor for our spiritual lives. Which is more important?

Same answer. However, doesn't our practice of faith often seem as if it leans a lot more towards inhaling than exhaling? Think about it - we inhale God's forgiveness, mercies, and grace. We take in worship, God’s Word, promises, and hope. 

Yet, if we stop there, we never experience the life that God intended. 

Exhaling involves compassion and forgiving. We breath out generosity and hospitality. We serve the margins and advocate  for the vulnerable. We choose patience, kindness, and sacrifice. This is what makes us spiritually alive.

The concept of "kingdom" is perhaps the most important spiritual ideas in the New Testament. In Hebrew, "kingdom" is active; it has to do with action.  When asked how we should pray, Jesus taught, ’Thy Kingdom come…Thy will be done'. God's kingdom on earth has to do with God's will being done. It means BOTH inhaling and exhaling the will of God. 

God has made us co-creators of a divine restoration plan. We get to enjoy what we create. We also get to repair what we did not break. Yet, Jesus isn’t asking us to live the Christian life. He never said that we could! The invitation is to MAKE ROOM for Jesus…SO THAT — in his resurrected state — HE can live the life IN US to experience the life we are created for. This is Good News!

Here’s to taking in and breathing out the FULLNESS of life in Christ! 

With Bated Breath…