Driving down the Capital of Texas Highway, I can't help but smile at steady line up of enthusiastic Bluebonnet photo-ops on both sides of the highway. Every age is present: You can see the heads of babies barely able to sit up. There are couples, friends, families, and generations. From spontaneous self-ies to planned professional photographers, people are taking advantage of this fleeting opportunity.  And since we don't have a dramatic change of seasons in Texas, there's some anticipation for these seasonal blooms.

It’s our nature to live with the hope of new life. Despite living in a broken world full of pain, sorrow, abuse, hunger, greed, and loss…we also experience glimpses of profound beauty.

Jesus described heaven as a present reality by using everyday and ordinary images. He meant to whet our appetite and shape our perspective that heaven is a realm we can experience here and now. Heaven on earth is the world God intended. Heaven's fullness is inspiring. It can look like self-less love, acts of compassion, intentional hospitality, and/or un-calculated generosity.  Simply put, heaven on earth is the world that God intended. This is THE Life.

Easter signals the promise of new life! For some it’s the chance to begin again. For others, it’s means healing. And yet for others, it means helping. All of this points us to the Hope of the resurrection. 

Maybe we can even say, the kingdom of heaven is like bluebonnets…they're exciting, beautiful, welcomed and also fleeting. Apparently, it's not something to be missed. It draws friends together. It helps families cherish present moments by literally causing them to slow down and smell the proverbial roses. And they can help us live with anticipation of God’s beauty.