John Paton was an American missionary living in what is now the island country of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. During a dry season, the missionary awakened the curiosity (and the laughs) of the natives by DIGGING (?!?!) for water. They insisted water always came down from heaven, not up through the earth. But Paton revealed a larger truth than they had seen before by discovering that heaven could give them water through their own land. 

Some insist on waiting for God to send down answers, guidance, help and blessings from heaven in some super-normal way.  In his book, The Meaning of Prayer, Harry Emerson Fosdick tells this story, then makes this point: While God provides an abundant supply, we must learn to retreat into the fertile places of our own spirit where, as Jesus said, the wells of living waters seek to rise. “Mining" for heaven on earth attempts to dig for deeper levels of trust and obedience. It’s being willing to ‘un-earth’ the Spirit’s prompts that invite us to respond to a need, an opportunity, a stranger, or a neighbor, and the church.

As citizens of heaven living on earth, we awaken an imagination for the hope of something better. The New Normal has been a way to experiment with planting small seeds of heaven, here & now. But the hope is this will create a new normal for the way you combine faith into daily and normal life.