Letters from a Skeptic, chronicles three years of correspondence between an agnostic father and a Christian son. The questions were brutally honest and the responses were gentle and articulate. I found myself asking many of the same questions as well as believing in the same truths. Ultimately, the father came to share his son’s belief in Christ.

Inspired by their conversation, this became the genesis of a group I began on the University of Alabama campus called, “God Who?—An open discussion on the purpose &/or existence of God”. Despite the innumerable churches populating the Deep South, many people left with bad experiences and gnawing doubts.  Our weekly group maintained an assumption that all of us are spiritually curious. Our time wasn’t about persuasive arguments. Rather, it was a safe place to raise questions, struggle with belief, and not all have to agree. And Christ was made known.

All of us possess a picture of God. Some accurate, at times skewed. However, Exodus 34 is the only place in the entire Bible where God self-describes and, because of that, is epicenter to build (or heal) a theology of God. This passage captures Moses' request for God’s presence, guidance and wisdom to lead. 

 What we learn is this…Faith doesn’t prevent us from struggle or doubt but it can help us see God in the midst of it.

What we find is that faith begins by knowing the nature of God. Like an expanding Thesaurus, the more we know about God’s character, the more we can know God’s heart. This new series, “God Who?” is a chance to grow or restore our belief, see our lives as an offering, SO THAT we can give away a Living Faith!