F.O.M.O is the very real phenomenon described as the "Fear Of Missing Out". It’s a common anxiety that an exciting or better experience may be currently happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media. We’re constantly checking posts, messages, alerts, and emails in hopes of staying connected. Yet, we struggle to be present. Being attentive is a timely message. 

Before Moses became a leader of the Jewish people he was a shepherd. One day, while tending his flock, he came upon a bush that was burning but was not consumed.  As Moses stared at this awesome sight, God spoke to him (Ex.3:1-6). People usually explain that God used the burning bush to attract Moses’ attention. But, suppose you were God and could do anything you wanted – split the Red Sea, make the sun stand still, set up a pillar of fire.  Compared with such spectacular displays, a burning bush is not very impressive.  So why did God choose such a "modest miracle"?

Perhaps the burning bush wasn’t a miracle but a test. 

God wanted to find out if Moses could see the Divine in the ordinary. In order to see it as a miracle, Moses had to watch the flames long enough to realize that the branches were not being consumed and something more was happening. Once God saw that Moses could pay attention, he spoke.

We live our lives looking for “signs” when God’s all around — in the ordinary — and wants to know if we’re paying attention. For Moses and the bush, God wasn’t providing light or warmth but direction.