Ever wonder how two people can look at the same situation — one person is seemingly unfazed while the other is completely undone? One responds, “Well, that’s a too bad…so, what’s for dinner?” while another says, “I’ve GOT to do something!!!”  When a hurricane devastates a city, there’s some people moved to save lives, provide aid, clean up, and rebuild. And there’s others who seize the opportunity to loot or price gauge lodging, gas, groceries, & supplies. 

There’s an important spiritual question when we have a chance to respond to revelation…What do we do with what we see?

For 140 years, the Israelites sat in exile. Jerusalem was in ruins. Some had returned to build their own lives but not their collective good. Rather than fortify the city, re-establish their national identity the remnant simply sidestepped the rubble. 1000 miles away, Nehemiah gets a report there’s a temple but no wall AND no one is doing anything about it, he mourns, prays, and answers the call. So, when God reveals the condition of a vulnerable people… What do you do with what you see?

Nehemiah had every reason to sit back an enjoy life as is. As Cupbearer, the king trusted him with his life. He also got to enjoy the lodging and lifestyle of the royal court. Now, he’s willing to throw it all away for a project with no guarantees?! Why would he leave all that and take on that seemingly impossible task?

Nehemiah knew something about God…that, God restores broken places. Ultimately, God’s vision is to restore all of creation. Restoration IS the work of the people of God – helping restore souls, families, neighborhoods, & cities. 

We are always God’s response – not government, non-profits, or social services but each Christ-follower responding to restore God’s creation. Friends, Mission Hills Austin is a church of practice & experimentation, which means we’re always a work-in-process. We just need to exercise faith by trying; Exercise faith together, & Exercise faith in restoring lives beginning in Austin.

Here’s to answering the call!