How do we live in light of the resurrection? How ‘bout bringing a lil’ life to another? Our grand total from the New Normal Lent savings is $1516.00! Well done!

Here comes the fun part where we attempt to offer encouragement and support to those around us.

Pray. Ask neighbors. Talk with friends. Pray some more. Listen for ways YOU can help, bring hope, encourage, and support people around you. Is there a family at your kids' school? Is there an immigrant we can sponsor at the community college? Who needs medicine? A single mom need car repair? A foster family could use a season pass to something fun? House cleaning? Do we go buy a bunch of school supplies for the fall? 

On Easter, we passed out $500 worth of HEB gift cards in hopes of seeing an opportunity, learning a name, and hearing story. We ALL wanna hear that story!  Seriously, WE NEED YOUR HELP! I want all of us to celebrate the resurrection in the most tangible ways possible!! We have AT LEAST $1000 to invest and bring Light to darkness. So, please, share your ideas and opportunities within the next 2 weeks!

Thank you for being part of the this beautiful experiment in faith, community, and mission!  Heaven on Earth…it’s what we live for!!