In central Texas, you know fall has arrived the first day we don’t have temps in the 90’s. . . Ahhh! Such a reprieve from the heat but Fall signals harvest. If we were anything more than amateur gardeners & landscapers, we’d understand that – in farming communities - crops (hopefully) produce a harvest. And that yield is a very tangible sign of one’s bounty. Since I don’t know any farmers living in Austin, it’s entirely possible that we all are likely to miss the enormous blessing in our own lives. Except the the occasional holiday, we really have no season where we get to enjoy the fruit of our labor. Instead, we keep working, studying, investing, carpooling, signing our kids up for the next extracurricular, etc. Yet we have so much! And so much to be grateful for!!

Gratitude is a discipline that needs practice until it becomes a posture.  Over time, prosperity has a way of creating discontent. It seems the more we have, the more we want. But the point isn’t to feel bad for what we have. The idea is to allow gratitude to become for us a source of contentment. Our Rhythm of Gratitude seeks to know God’s character more, offer thanks, and reflect God’s faithfulness. All of this is rooted in the intimate love of the Father and yet its so easy to miss.

Harvest is all about thriving and when one prospers we all should benefit. This is God’s vision for a city.  Join us this Sunday as we share stories of God’s faithfulness through the lives of our Burmese friends. They don’t have much material wealth but they are rich in faith and community. I promise you’ll see the fruit of God working through the lives of people who have fully yielded their lives to God!