Ever consider how everyone has faith?  Some have faith that God doesn’t exist, care, or heal. But faith is such a part of everyday life that we often don’t even notice!  Like now…the chair you’re sitting in. Did you question if it would hold you when you sat down? Did you inspect it beforehand and ease into it cautiously? The food you ordered – did you think it poison? The structure you’re in – do you question its safety? The friend you trust – do they ever have a lapse in judgment?  There are things in life we don’t question—Too much experience has left us believers! And yet…chairs break, food spoils, friends disappoint, and structures collapse. That also doesn’t mean we quit sitting, eating, seeking friendship, or being indoors.

Faith is a useful motivation in life when rooted in God’s faithfulness. However, if we can't see the difference it makes in our lives, faith will always feel nice…but just not very useful.  The better we understand who God is – as generous, merciful, just, compassionate, blameless, and redemptive – the more faith will shape our life. We can literally become like the object of our belief.

Here’s to faith becoming Useful!