Blessed are those who hunger & thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.  - Matthew 5:6

Growing in righteousness means we grow in justice, mercy, charity, and hope. We learn to see and hear what God does. God consistently prompts, reveals, and courts us. We refer to these as “Kairos" moments. Kairos is the Greek word for ‘time’ but not chronologically as we typically think. Kairos means ‘Opportunity’ as used in Mark 1:15, “The time (opportunity) has come. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Repent and believe the good news’. It suggests that we have everyday opportunities – within a broken humanity — to usher in heaven on earth. 

…Wait, what?! …Think about that…

The way we do this is by repenting, which isn’t a reminder of inadequacy! Jesus says it's "good news" because it's a reminder of God’s ACCEPTANCE. And, since God already accepts us, the better way to think of repenting is to TURNING. . .sometimes, we need to turn away. Other times, we have OPPORTUNITIES to turn toward something – as a divine response. I read a compelling-yet-ordinary story that illustrates this idea of Spirit-led turning.

In early August, Lisa Lemming Jackson was shopping at her local supermarket in Georgia. As she roamed between aisles, she made eye contact with an elderly man, with a pained look in his eyes. He certainly looked like he could use some help. As she looked longer, she realized that something wasn’t right. Here’s how she described this opportunity. . .

“Just spent 2 hrs with a elderly man at Kroger. It started with me just smiling at him, making eye contact ….As I walked past him he looked like he needed something. I went back and asked him if I could help him. Tears welled up in his eyes and he said: 'I have colon cancer and I have had a really bad accident, if I get up out of this cart everyone will know … What should I do?'”

The look of his dignity lost left me with a lump in my throat. From that moment on, Kroger staff quickly fetched us wipes, undergarments and discreetly took him to their employer bathroom Area where he was given clothes.

He cried and apologized. He said he had to hurry his wife was at home alone. When we walked to the register we found his groceries all bagged and somehow paid for. He cried harder.

He said he fought in Vietnam and Korean War and loved his country, but up until day he said he thought his country forgot about him. We both cried and I shared with him my own struggles and fears… He gave me words of wisdom and encouraged me that maybe after all, humanity still does care about one another. Today proved it.” 

Kairos asks, What do I do? The more we begin to turn, the more we begin hunger & thirst for what God loves. The point is that when we leave room for the Holy Spirit to speak, we grow in righteousness.

This is righteousness made accessible.

Carpe Diem & may we have eyes to see.

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