Change is inevitable. It occurs whether we want it or not. Some adapt better than others. And, it’s not always for the better.

Growth, on the other hand, is never automatic…be it age or life stage, dating or marriage, raising kids or parenting. Growth can't be assumed in our recovery, health, career, character, or even faith. Growth always requires commitment. I wonder if it’s because growth can be subtle. It’s often seen over time. We might notice progress in…

. . . an alcoholic practicing sobriety for 20 years…who also understands their need to sponsor.

. . . a child with boundaries, experiencing consequences, and learning responsibility…becomes a adult not just older.

. . . an apprentice who seeks a mentor, asks questions, gains experience, receives feedback…becomes a tradesman. Or, in…

. . . a faith the size of a mustard seed, hungry to learn, able to yield, willing to serve…becomes a disciple—one who seeks to “reproduce” their faith in another.

On the far side of growth is transformation, which always occurs from the inside out. It’s never a quick fix. When Jesus announced that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand, it meant that life not death, hope not despair, generosity not scarcity, mercy not a scorecard is eternally and presently available. In Matthew 5, Jesus seeds us with a way to be transformed, to experience heaven, hear and now. True story!

Growth might not come easy but it is good. And we have each other.