If you want to have a good prayer life, it helps to remember that prayer is never an end in itself. It's only a means to an end. It should lead us to something . . . revealed, insight, hope, or action.

Last Sunday was a day of answered prayer. By that I mean that nothing was solved, per se. But God’s love was revealed. 

Hope was given. 

And received. 

It was a day of action. Believing that hospitality is a way for us to express faith, we met in 20 refugee homes across Austin as well as in an assisted living care facility. Our goal was simple - shorten the gap. Start conversation, offer simple relief, encourage & pray with people whose needs are different than our own. It was humbling and awesome but definitely felt like we got our church on!  Check out photos HERE. 

There’s a curious phrase that pops up in Matthew’s Gospel narrative. “From that time on…” marks an important turning point because it ties something new to what has just preceded it. This "hinge pin" phrase occurs three time in Matthew’s Gospel. It represents a page is being turned, another chapter begins in the ministry and mission of Christ.  

In thinking about our own experiences – personally & together — this provides a nice framework to consider our next steps as we see where God has brought us AND move toward Resurrection Sunday with the promise of new life.