Our country is at odds – safety of a nation Vs offering shelter for the immigrant. 
Accusation, protest, debate. Heartbreak abounds. 
How do we mend when it feels so divided?  Good question…

On Sunday, we celebrated a year-in-the-making of Mission Hills Church. What I loved most was the hospitality.  So many invitations to neighbors, family, and friends. Some seekers, others skeptics. We also welcomed single parents, disadvantaged kids, refugee and immigrant families. 
It was a party for others, not just us. 

I feel helpless to change a country. Yet in one afternoon, we found common ground by sharing a meal, playing games, and hosting conversation. It gave me hope of who we can become and how we can align with God's restoration.  When it was over, the “Civil War” our country is fighting didn’t feel as hopeless simply by being with people whose needs are different than our own. My heart felt re-sensitized.  

This, my friends, is what it means to have a living faith. Speaking of finding common ground, if you haven’t heard about our latest faith initiative, Have 2/Share 1, read about it below.  It encourages us to "shorten the gap" between those who ‘Have' with those in need…and seeing what God does inside of us.