I found that the word for ‘Worship' in Latin is ‘Liturgy’, which actually means ‘service'. It’s not the kind of an service we attend and evaluate it, like a concert or a restaurant as something to be consumed. The meaning of ‘service’ here is more like an offering we bring or a sacrifice we make. Maybe another way we can say it is a spiritual practice.  Hmmm…. 

The idea is that our lives are already full of service and sacrifice — to make ends meet, on behalf of another, career ambition, to serve our country. We even sacrifice quality if we think it can save us money. Life requires so much sacrifice. Everybody ends up  serving something. The point here is to give ourselves to something that endures. 

Speaking of serving, this Sunday we have several ways to worship God with acts of service. In addition to bringing encouragement to a few folks, I hope to strengthen our community through serving together. As part of our Have 2/Share 1 Initiative, we want to visit with people who’s needs are different than our own. 

So here’s the plan for Sunday. PLEASE CONTACT THE POINT PEOPLE TO LET THEM KNOW YOU’RE COMING! Kids are encouraged to join in all of these outreaches. You’re welcome to join any mission as space is available.

9:00-10:00am Visit Burmese refugees in E.Riverside Apts. We’ll break into co-ed groups of 3 and visit families with translators. Bring a basic bag of groceries/toiletries as we’ll as any some clothing options to share along the way. Meet up around 10:30am for breakfast tacos (TBD) and share experiences. Space is limited to 12-14 including kids. It is currently full but if you’re interested or unable to go, contact Connie Nelson.

4:00-5:00pm Visit 3 Muslim women/families in Northwest Hills Oak Hollow Apts. For cultural reasons, this group is for women and children. Space is limited to 2-3 including kids. In addition to basic grocery and clothing items, there are specific needs for a toaster oven, blender, double stroller, and sewing machine. If you have these items &/or would like to visit, contact Mary Rose Ray.

9:30-10:30 & 10:30-11:30am Visit elderly in assisted living care homes.Autumn Leaves of Northwest Austin. Space is limited to 10 adults & 5 children for each hour. They are located at 10025 Anderson Mill Road and specialize in Alzheimer’s and/or dementia. The goal is to host conversation with elderly, learn about their life experiences. Kids will color pictures to gift to residents. Bring stickers if you have them. If space fills up, we have a second option to visit another care facility in the afternoon just 10 minutes away. Afterward, everyone is invited to Ian & Hannah Mouton’s home. Pitch in, order pizzas, and share experiences (12-1ish). Please email Hannah to let her know what time slot works and what kind of pizza you’d like to order.

Thanks to everyone for making this work. I’m praying God visits each of us in a special way as go out of our way to visit with people whose needs are different than our own. Come worship with us as we discover community through mission!