One of the most popular TED talks is an 18-min video called, Start With Why by Simon Sinek. He offers great insights as to why some companies - with great products – struggle while why other companies soar. 

Most companies start with ‘What’ product they're selling or service they offer. Sinek's asserts describing ‘What' you do is neither interesting nor compelling. Using the highly competitive field of technology, he illustrates how most computer companies sound…

  • What: We make computers. 
  • How: They’re beautifully designed and easy to use. 
  • Why: Wanna buy one? 

It’s UN-inspiring and sounds like everyone else. If you want to capture imagination you need to start with ‘Why'. On the other hand, Apple is different. They start with WHY. In fact, an early campaign invited consumers to, “Think Different”. So it sounds like… 

  • Why: Everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo & thinking differently.
  • How: The way we challenge the status quo is by making products that are beautifully designed and user friendly.
  • What: We just happen to make great computers. Wanna buy one?

In other words, People don’t buy WHAT you do. They buy WHY you do it. The ‘Why’ represents our belief, which is possibly the most compelling part! Using this same method for the church, ‘What’ sounds eerily familiar and UN-intriguing…

  • What: We gather like-minded people each week to talk about what we believe.
  • How: We host meetings that provide relevant teaching, good music, great programs for children and youth, small groups and missions.
  • Why: Wanna come? 

We have no shortage of churches that offer the same basic menu of programs and services. However, Jesus’ last words were an invitation to MAKE DISCIPLES. The idea is that we would develop a living and reproducible faith.

Mission Hills seeks to imagine faith and community differently. We begin with a belief that God is already at work in the world. Our desire is to align with Him. To do that, we need a faith that integrates with work, family, finances, influence, needs, struggle, and tragedies all with God’s Spirit. This is why we’ve chosen to rally around daily and ordinary “Rhythms”. We are the church whether we’re gathered or scattered. But we’re able to practice a Living Faith wherever, whenever, and with whomever!

So, let’s try it again…The ‘Why’ of Mission Hills Church.

  • Why: We believe real change is possible…in our hearts, homes, communities, and world.
  • How: We seek to be the change by practicing a Living faith (Rhythms), listening for God’s voice, responding to needs and opportunities among us.   
  • What: We just happen to gather in a neighborhood near you. Wanna be the change?

Why not?