Ever take a car ride or flight in severe weather without incident? Ever eat at a ‘hole-in-the-wall' meal and NOT get sick? Have you ever sat in a wobbly chair that didn’t break?

It’s amazing to think how much faith is such a part of our everyday and ordinary life. You could even argue that exercising faith is human nature. So when it comes to a belief in God — Is faith a matter of God doing something we can’t do ourselves - OR - Is faith simply doing the right thing?

In a word, Yep.  In another word, both!  Most of the time we exercise faith after we throw our hands in the air and admit we can't control outcomes. It’s easy to think of faith doing the impossible beyond our control. And yet, faith is equally seen in everyday and “ordinary" ways. 

It’s as subtle as a thankful prayer before lunch or a $1 handout that encourages more than feeds. It’s a kind-but-unexpected word even if you don’t know a person or circumstances.

Faith is reading scripture – not because every passage is interesting – but you believe it's makes a difference over time.

Faith says ‘yes' to leading a ministry despite feeling busy because God meets us in our weakness more than our strength.

Faith is showing up for church even when you’re tired or discouraged.

Faith is inviting a friend multiple times because you know the community and serving might help them heal.

Faith means serving someone even if their response lacks gratitude.

Faith believes God can transform lives in the midst of - & b/c of - struggles.

Faith gives from "first-fruits" and trusts God to meet our needs.

Faith believes the Holy Spirit guides, interrupts, comforts, and strengthens when we allow.

Hebrews 11:1 says, "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Yeah…faith grows from inexplicable miracles. It’s also in small, daily acts where it’s hard to see an immediate benefit. It’s the ordinary and everyday ways that seem to grow our faith most. Here’s to a Living Faith that's extraordinarily ordinary!