Ever wonder why God didn’t just create Adam and Eve at the same time or why God saw there was a need for someone else? Here’s one idea . . . Adam had no one to share his life with. 
And yet, we ALL need people close enough to bear witness to our lives.  

It’s tempting to think Eve somehow completes Adam. However, It’s more than simply having someone be there for him. Having someone bear witness actually gives Adam someone to give himself to!  This…this is what it means to be in community.  

We’re talking about having special, God-appointed people who reflect back to us BOTH our beauty AND potential, our strength AND our struggle.  This reflection is what God meant for us all along within healthy relationships. Whether it be in marriage, family, scripture, our faith community…this capacity to bear witness to each others lives is when we as a church are at our best!

This Sunday marked a 1-Year Anniversary for Mission Hills Church — Woo Hoo!  What began as a group of strangers has become a gathering of family-like relationships and a community seeking to grow and express faith for the benefit of others. All month, we'll celebrate with the theme of, “We Are One”. . . 
One Body, though many different-yet-significant parts (Jan.8), 
One Hope, despite living in hope-less & spiraling times (Jan.22), & 
One Mission, as we see our identity in Christ and faith expressed for the benefit of others (Feb.12). 

Year One was incredible but I’m even more excited for Year Two. There’s just no telling where this will go. So, join us this Sunday for worship at 5pm. We have ONE-derful news to share regarding our “Fill The Gap” matching opportunity as well as some really fun next steps together.

These are great days, friends.