There’s a clever story about a building manager who had a dilemma with an aging 10-story office building. Over time, large offices were converted into smaller offices, which meant more people in each office. And, the building’s two elevators couldn’t handle the number of workers. The result was tenants' mounting frustration over long waits and over-crowding to start and end of each work day. The building manager could employ lots of solutions – larger elevators, incentives to tenants for coming in early or leaving later. She could have added escalators in stairwells or external elevators on the outside of the building. She could’ve started a campaign explaining the benefits to stairs or work with business to stagger times. So many possible solutions to alleviate the congestion - some costly, some impractical. All would have worked to one degree or another. 

But she did none of these.

Instead, she installed wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling mirrors in every elevator lobby. She figured (correctly as it turned out) that people wouldn’t mind waiting so much if they could spend that time looking at themselves. (from How to Get Ideas, by Jack Foster)
What if the thing we need most in the midst of fear, frustration, failure or even success, is a reminder what we look like?  Better yet, what if the image we see gently reminds us of the image of God? After all, who wants to see an unflattering image of ourselves impatient, angry, or complaining? Seems like the building manager had a stroke of genius. 

So, what if we trained our eyes to see that we are not the sum total of our good and bad choices? Rather we are the image of God, hidden in Christ, and created to bear much fruit! That sounds like Good News! That’s what we mean when we say, “I Am Changes Who I am”. Christ living inside us, can change who we are. 

Throughout the Book of John, Jesus makes several self-defining “I Am…” statements that, if true, change who we are. This Sunday, we’ll unpack Jesus’ words in John 15, “I am the true vine”. To be in Christ (a part of the God’s vine, as it were) means we’re created to bear fruit. IT ALSO means that pruning is normal and good to keep blossoming. God doesn’t just want to just use our lives to bless, help, and comfort. He also wants us to grow and get better. 
Again, Good News! 
Here’s to reflecting something good.