Remember the feeling of the first day of school on a new campus?
Ever relocate to a new neighborhood or city and you were the outsider looking in?
Have you ever started a new job in a fast-paced office where you knew you were a step behind everyone else?
Ever show up to a workout class or gym and feel like you stick out like a sore thumb?
Last question . . . Ever start attending a new church and feel like everyone already has their friends, knows what to expect, and knows what to expect?

None of these experiences make us feel comfortable. They tend to create an awkwardness we’d rather avoid. The good news for all of us starting Mission Hills Church is that we’re all starting in the same boat. Maybe another way of saying this is, We make awkward look good! 

The only thing worse than an uncomfortable moment is when we go through it alone. We all desire spiritual growth but stepping out in faith alone is hard to sustain or enjoy. Yet, we can find strength in numbers.  Mission Hills seeks to re-imagine church as a shared practice of faith by embracing Rhythms, together. 

We see Tribes and worship gatherings as two-sides-of the-same-coin that we call church; Sharing meals, extended conversations, faith applications, intergenerational fellowship, expressing gratitude in worship, study of God’s living word — all spells a dynamic community of faith.

We see the church as an extended-family living on mission together in how we care for each other, respond to needs and opportunities around us, and offer our hearts up to Christ. We seek a living faith that looks 3-Dimensional – Inward, Upward, & Outward.

My hope is as you invest in Mission Hills long enough, you’ll find someone a little further along, someone to come alongside, and someone you can invest in. Trying anything new feels uncomfortable for a season but we have a chance to make awkward look effortless! Glad you’re in for the journey!