A few years ago, I stood in a grimy bar on 6th street packed with enthusiasm and bodies. "A-listers” stood shoulder to shoulder with commoners gathered under the banner of love for live music. This showcase featured emerging talent. One after another artists stepped up like a musical share-fest.  The music felt as accessible as the artists.
A surprising lyric rung out above the bar chatter—“…the miracle was not walking on the water…”.  A soulful black man playing an acoustic guitar sung it out like an anthem.  Again, he sung, “The miracle was not walking on the water…”.  It was hardly the place I expected to be reminded of my Sunday School stories but by this point I was curious.  A third time – teetering with anticipation of an answer… “the miracle was not walking on the water…”.  At this point, the singer/songwriter I came to know as Chris Pierce, had my undivided attention. I audibly asked, "what is it?”  On cue, he sung, 
“…the miracle is walking on the earth…step by step…day by day”.
It’s easy to miss God’s presence in the ordinary. It’s tempting to think God is preoccupied or detached. But the gift of Christmas is God with us in the majestic and the mundane. God’s present in subtle and grand way. But Christmas offers hope that he’s not only with us but he’s also coming again. May this season grow our anticipation and awareness of God’s presence. In us. And through us.