I like to tease my teenage kids that they often eat like a kindergartners. While there's so much I enjoy about their company, I think they’re missing out. They both fear most condiments. There's still has an aversion to foods touching. Most vegetables are not their friend and sauces are considered unsafe. Yet, I know what their palate is capable of. The more it develops, the more enjoyment possible. I jokingly ask questions like, "how old do you think you'll be when you start liking mustard? How about artichoke?" "When do you think you'll start ordering something new and not familiar?" Bjorn always answers the same, "when I'm older”. =)

When it comes to our spiritual lives, I think a lot of people live with a future hope of things being different, relationships being stronger, their shortcomings being overcome, or challenges being lessened. But the problem is that we often have no plan in place to grow our faith. 

A living faith is something we share. 

It’s something that, over time, we find words for. 

And a living faith is something that are able to pass on.

The Apostle Paul writes to a young friend and apprentice, Timothy, saying, “And the things that you’ve heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust them to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. “ (II Timothy 2:2). He’s saying, “you’ve walked in my shoes, now find others to walk in yours!"

God's given each of us with a spiritual palette of gifts, experiences, resources, and desire to experience a transformational life in faith. Sometimes it takes us walking a mile in someone’s shoes simply because they’ve walked further, longer. Other times, we walk in their shoes to gain wisdom, perspective, and empathy. Ultimately, we invite people to walk a mile in our shoes – not that we’ve arrived — but we’re learning to express and experience the life of Christ in us and through us.

Here’s to a living faith, together!