Scripture is full of places where God met people. Oftentimes, when people had an encounter with God, they named that place SO THAT — what God did and said — would be a testimony for all to know. 

The Hebrew Patriarch, Jacob was said to have wrestled with an angel of God all night long (Gen.32). Living as a fugitive, he’d been lying and cheating his way through life. Now in this breaking moment, God gives Jacob a new identity only after he owns who he’s been. In response, he builds an altar, a kind of memorial to God. (I’m convinced if he had a camera phone, he would’ve taken a picture of the angel’s feet). He names that place, “Peniel”, Hebrew for "face of God”.

While we might not build a memorial every time we sense God’s near, the vision of Mission Hills is to nurture a community around a living faith. And the Rhythms might become a way to express and experience the life of Christ. The hope is that we learn to pass on a living, tangible, meaningful faith TO AND FOR the benefit of others. So, what’s in a picture of a pair a shoes? 

How about…A place where God met you.  Over the next few weeks, try to capture 7 pictures (one for each Rhythm) of feet or shoes SO THAT… we might “walk a mile in their shoes”. Together, we’re building a 21st century altar of how/where/when God met us!  Make sure to post it Mission Hills Facebook page with the hashtag #WalkAMileInTheirShoes & citing which Rhythm.